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Founder James P. Stuckey says that responsible building practices are standard at Verdant Properties.

Verdant Properties, LLC® is James P. Stuckey’s New York-based property development firm. It was founded upon James P. Stuckey’s own personal mission that cooperating with the environment is the best way to develop the land. The group focuses on real estate projects ranging from office to mixed-use development and everything in between.

According to James P. Stuckey, Verdant Properties focuses on only the finest sustainable and renewable materials. Verdant Properties has assisted numerous projects including the Macedonia Plaza and the South Bridgeport Development.  As well, James P. Stuckey says that the firm is has served as a consultant to Trinity Real Estate, the property development division of lower Manhattan’s Trinity Church.

The Macedonia Plaza, says James P. Stuckey, is proposed as a large, modern housing development in Flushing that will focus on affordable living and encourage community relationships. The project boasts nearly 140 residential units spread over 30,000 square feet and replaces a former municipal parking lot, reports James P. Stuckey. As well, James P. Stuckey points out that 7000+ square feet of retail space located on the ground floor of the development will help create jobs and stabilize the economy of the area. The South Bridgeport development is a proposed 120 unit residential building being developed in conjunction with New Vision International Ministries.

Sustainable building practices are important to James P. Stuckey and the team at Verdant. Many people, however, are unsure about exactly what the term “verdant” means. James P. Stuckey explains that the concept promotes sustainable design and development that meets the current needs of the population while preserving the societal, ecological, and economic needs of future generations.

Sustainable buildings, according to James P. Stuckey, are constructed using materials that have a neutral impact on the land. Examples of materials used in sustainable building practices are bamboo, linoleum, recycled concrete, and stone.

James P. Stuckey also notes that, because green building focuses on energy conservation, most sustainably built homes and structures are strategically insulated to use the least amount of electric climate control. The founder of Verdant Properties affirms that green and sustainable is the best way to build. James P. Stuckey believes that preservation of this planet falls to its current occupants With the population of the United States expected to increase by more than 30 million people in the next 20 years, says James P. Stuckey, designing an infrastructure that is environmentally friendly, avoids waste, and utilizes upgradable technology is essential for our children and the generations beyond.

James P. Stuckey is dedicated to quality, sustainability, and affordability in each and every project initiated by Verdant Properties. He is committed to decreasing his firm’s impact on the environment and developing an infrastructure that creates energy, such as ethanol, from waste and industrial byproducts. To this end, James P. Stuckey has established relationships with engineers and architects who specialize in building designs that flow with nature.

For more information about Verdant Properties or James P. Stuckey, please visit www.verdantproperties.com

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